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Bad Lip Reading's New Overdub 'More NFL” Hits YouTube, Goes Viral in 2 days
After wiping the audio from video footage, BLR studies his comedy targets' lips writing down what it looks like they're saying resulting in an absurd nonsensical spoof that he then puts to music. Although parodies, his videos do a good job displaying …
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'Frozen' sing-along opens Friday in Asheville, nationwide
The exhilarating anthem has already garnered more than 115 million combined views on YouTube for its dazzling animated sequence and Demi Lovato-led music video, not including the countless covers by adorable 4-year-olds and all-girl a cappella groups …
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Janelle Monae rocks the Super Bowl Blitz at Lehman
Much of her act is pastiche, and she's such a skilled mimic that her allusions to past musicians, male and female, never descend into schtick or parody. But while Mars likes to pick a model and ride his choice for a few songs, Monáe is too restless for …
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